Annual Bonuses

Corporate Governance

Annual Bonuses

The short-term performance bonus system for annual bonuses based on the company’s results and personal performance covers all Technopolis employees.

The maximum amount of the CEO’s annual bonus is equal to 50% of the base annual salary and the other Group Management Team members´ maximum annual bonus is equal to 40% of the base annual salary of the Group Management Team member. The maximum amounts of the other personnel’s annual bonuses are equal to 10–30% of the base annual salary depending on their personnel group.

The performance targets support the company strategy and annual operating plans. Performance measures include among others EBITDA, occupancy rate, service sales and EBITDA, customer satisfaction and progress of investments. The relevance of the financial performance is 70% for the CEO and 70% or 80% for other Group Management Team members and the relevance of the personal objectives relate to execution of the company´s strategic objectives is correspondingly 30% for the CEO and 30% or 20% for other Group Management Team members, of the annual bonuses.

The earnings and performance targets of the CEO and other members of the Group Management Team as well as the achievement of the targets are confirmed by the Board of Directors. The annual bonus performance and achievement of targets set by the board of directors are evaluated on annual basis and the amount of the annual bonus is determined based on the extent to which the targets have been reached during the financial period. The annual bonus is paid in February following the financial period.

The company has the right to retroactively amend the amount of the annual bonus and claim a refund of the annual bonus, if the reward recipient receives a fee based on the annual bonus system that subsequently turns out to be incorrectly paid due to intent or gross negligence by the reward recipient.

According to the decision of the persons who are entitled to Annual Bonuses, a part of the Annual Bonus can be paid into the Personnel Fund established by the personnel of Technopolis Plc.

Last updated 28.2.2019