The Technopolis Concept

Technopolis is a shared workspace expert. We provide efficient and flexible offices, coworking spaces along with services that go with them.

Our view is that the key to success in the future office market is to master the shared workspace environment – to be able to effectively combine co-working, serviced office and a shared service platform into a consistently world-class customer experience. Technopolis has the differentiating capabilities required to do this. The shared workspace market operates at a faster pace than traditional offices, which requires significant sales capabilities and resources from workspace providers. Technopolis, with an effective sales and service organization, is well positioned to succeed in this market.

The business strategy is based on the proven Technopolis concept featuring:

  • High occupancy (10-year average financial occupancy rate of 94.2%)
  • Premium customer value and rental rates
  • High customer satisfaction (4.11/5.00) and Net Promoter Score (33)

We can demonstrate that value creation through higher occupancy, rent premiums and service business profits can clearly outweigh the concept’s costs.

Last updated 28.2.2019