Growth Drivers

Investment Case

Customer Needs Are Driving Growth

There are several megatrends that impact Technopolis’ business and influence customers’ needs. Customer needs are at the drivers’ seat when developing our business.

Megatrends impacting Technopolis’ business

Shared Economy

  • ”Not owning” mentality
  • Scarcity of resources
  • Volatile business environment


  • Centralization of campuses into growth centers
  • Locations with good connections
  • Efficiency in the use of space

Climate Change

  • Energy efficiency
  • Minimizing CO2 emissions and other environmental impacts
  • Lifecycle thinking


  • Virtual tools and working environments
  • Data-based services
  • Smart buildings
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence

Customer needs driving Technopolis’ growth


  • Growing demand for shorter, more flexible agreements & coworking
  • Readiness to pay a premium for the ability to react quickly to change

Less square meters:

  • Efficiency = less square meters by minimizing service infrastructure in private space
  • Outsourcing non-core services & sharing space & service infra cuts costs

Service & quality

  • Competition for high quality people means work space quality is critical
  • Workspace solutions must support remoting & teamwork
  • Employers can’t sacrifice employee satisfaction & productivity

Last updated 5.7.2018