In summer 2017, Technopolis completed a comprehensive review of the Group’s strategy, and its strategic and financial targets and announced them on June 2, 2017. The Group management together with the new Board of Directors are currently in the process of reviewing the company’s strategy and evaluating whether any changes are called for.

The main elements of the strategy announced in the summer 2017, were:

  • Enhancement of the Technopolis concept, which generates high occupancy, premium customer value and rent levels, as well as high customer satisfaction
  • Accelerated organic expansion of current campuses
  • Significant expansion of the UMA coworking network
  • Expansion and increasing profitability of the service business
  • Exploiting value-creating acquisition opportunities in the Nordic-Baltic Sea region
  • Execution of the strategy and investments without new equity issues

In addition to increasing the profitability of the current real estate and service businesses, the company decided to accelerate organic investments.

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Last updated 28.2.2019