IR Service

The aim of Technopolis investor communications is to provide the market with correct, consistent, open, and up-to-date information on the company so that the market would have as transparent an image of the company as possible so that the value of the company’s securities can be determined in a justified way.

The company complies with the principle of equality and simultaneousness in its investor communications and publishes its financial reports, stock exchange releases, and other materials on its website at the same time in Finnish as well as in English.

Technopolis applies a silent period of 30 days prior to the publication of financial reviews. During this time, Technopolis does not comment in any way on the company’s outlook, financial situation, or future outlook to the representatives of the capital market or the media, excluding any events that require immediate disclosure on the basis of regulations regarding disclosures by a listed company.

Technopolis aims to respond to queries sent by investors, analysts, and the media by telephone or e-mail without undue delay.

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Updating Shareholder Information

We kindly ask the shareholders to notify the bank, the brokerage firm or other book-entry register in which they have a book-entry securities account of any change of address. This information cannot be updated through Technopolis.

A change made in the address information of a bank account is not always automatically transferred to the book-entry securities account, so this should be specified in the request.

By keeping your address information in the book-entry securities account updated, you will receive all shareholder information without delay.

Last updated 25.3.2019