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Our Background

Technopolis was founded in Oulu, Finland in 1982. It all started when a circuit board factory got together with some electronics and service companies. They moved into an old Valio dairy in downtown Oulu and decided to start a new company called Oulun Teknologiakylä Ltd. The founders were heavily influenced by the world’s first technology park in Silicon Valley. Now it’s 37 years later, but a key component of the Technopolis DNA has remained the same. We build communities.

Since its inception, Technopolis has been an ambassador of the shared economy approach and has provided shared offices, service infrastructure and other shared areas to companies in order to create lively and innovative communities. Nowadays, Technopolis provides a home for over 1,300 companies and organizations of various sizes and from all kinds of fields.

Technopolis expanded outside of Oulu in 2003 and became international in 2010. There are now campuses in five cities in Finland: Espoo, Helsinki, Oulu, Tampere and Vantaa. In addition to Finland, we operate in Gothenburg, Oslo, St Petersburg, Tallinn and Vilnius.

Technopolis’ coworking concept, UMA Workspace, was established in 2016. UMA offers a shared workspace experience in central business districts that allows customers to work efficiently and flexibly, either in the privacy of their own serviced offices or as part of our open working community. At present, in addition to our seven on-campus UMA Express lounges, we have nine UMA Workspaces: Two each in Helsinki, Stockholm and Vilnius and one in Copenhagen, Tallinn and Oslo respectively. According to the concept, UMA Workspaces are operated mainly in leased spaces.

In the future, Technopolis will seek to grow by expanding its existing campuses as well as service expansions and acquisitions.

Technopolis shares were listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange from 1999 to 2019 but were delisted after the public tender offering by Kildare Partners in fall 2018.