The Technopolis concept combines high-quality space with various services to provide customers an instantly recognizable, high-quality experience.

To complement efficient and flexible workspace, Technopolis offers a variety of different services. As a result, Technopolis’ customers only pay for what they really need. It is the cost per person – not the euros per square meter – that counts.

Technopolis has been building and refining its service offering for many years, and now has a good mix of services. The most important service areas are:

  • Conference & Catering,
  • Cleaning & Maintenance,
  • Reception,
  • Workplace Solutions,
  • ICT and
  • Community & Wellbeing.

As customers embrace the shared workspace philosophy and we get more traction, both the sales and profitability of services has increased from previous years. Service penetration (i.e. service income as a proportion of Group net sales) was 14.1%. Our target is to reach 20% by the year 2020.

Technopolis promotes a sense of community on its campuses by arranging a wide variety of networking events. We encourage customer companies to utilize each other’s services, and also provide our customers visibility within the campuses.