CEO and Management Team

According to the Articles of Association, Technopolis has a CEO appointed by the Board of Directors. The Board also decides on the CEO´s salary and other benefits and annually sets operational and financial targets for the CEO. The CEO shall take care of the company´s routine administration in accordance with the Companies Act, the Articles of Association and other rules and instructions from the Board. However, the CEO is not responsible for matters belonging to the Chairman of the Board.

The CEO is responsible for the accounts of the company being in compliance with the law, that its financial affairs have been arranged in a reliable manner, and for practical arrangements relating to internal control. The CEO is also responsible for executing Board decisions within the limits of the investment policy approved by the Board and for other administration of the company´s assets in accordance with the Board´s instructions. The CEO may engage in matters which, considering the field of activities of the company, are unusual and far-reaching only if authorized by the Board. The CEO shall report to the Board on all matters significant to the company and its operations.

The company has a Management Team that assists the CEO. Members of the Management Team are appointed by the Board of Directors by proposal of the CEO. The Management Team prepares necessary draft resolutions for the Board on company strategy, development and investments and executes the decisions within the organization accordingly. The Management Team also handles, among other things, matters relating to the company´s personnel policy and public relations.

Keith Silverang, B.A., MBA, born 1961, has served as President and CEO of Technopolis Plc since September 15th, 2008. He has worked for Technopolis since 2004, amongst other roles, as the Vice President in charge of the Greater Helsinki Area, and the CEO of Technopolis Ventures Ltd. Previously he has been Vice President and COO of the Training Division of AAC Global Ltd and the CEO of ICS Ltd.

Photos of the CEO

Juha Juntunen, B.Eng., born in 1973, Chief Operating Officer and Director, Sales and Marketing. He joined the Group in 2004 and has served, amongst other roles, as the Director of the Oulu Business Unit. Previously, he worked as an Export Manager at Alma Software Ltd.

Kari Kokkonen, M.Sc., born 1963, Chief Real Estate Officer. He joined the Group in 2008. Previously he worked for Saraco D & M Ltd as a partner and a consultant. He has also worked at NCC with development projects and demanding building projects.

Sami Laine, M.Sc. (Econ.), born1971, Chief Financial Officer. He joined the Group in May 2017. Previously, he served as the CFO of Renor Oy, a Finnish property development and investment company, and Group Treasurer in Oriola-KD Plc, Etteplan Oyj and SATO Corporation.

Outi Raekivi, LL.M., eMBA, Certified Property Manager, born 1968, Chief Legal Officer. She joined the Group in 2011 and is responsible for Legal Affairs as well as the Group HR and Environmental & Sustainability functions. Previously, she has worked as Director, Legal Affairs at Citycon Plc and in various legal affairs positions at Nordea Group’s real estate functions. She is a member of the Market Practice Board of the Securities Market Association and the Legislation Committee of Finland Chamber of Commerce.