Code of Conduct

Technopolis’s code of conduct forms the basis of the responsibility and sustainability of the company’s business operations, environmental affairs and employee and stakeholder relations.

Technopolis has adopted a Code of Conduct for its suppliers. This Code of Conduct is followed in all significant business partnerships. Read more about Technopolis’ Supplier Code of Conduct here

The 7 Ethical Rules of Technopolis

  1. We shall understand the meaning of our three strong values (drive, service, integrity) and act according to them, every day.
  2. We shall treat each other as we would wish to be treated ourselves.
  3. We shall respect our customers and partners and want to earn their respect, too.
  4. We shall use our innovativeness and capabilities to promote growth and wealth for the whole community.
  5. We shall provide value for our customers and investors.
  6. We shall seek to reduce environmental load and to promote sustainability in all our activities.
  7. We shall comply with high ethical standards, good business practices and legal requirements, and not accept corruption. We do not fund political activities of any kind.

Responsibility to Personnel

Technopolis treats its personnel equitably and fairly. The company promotes equal treatment in all respects of work, and does not tolerate harassment, bullying, intolerance, inappropriate treatment or discrimination of any kind. Technopolis is committed to developing its personnel and their well-being. As part of its occupational health and safety activity, the company regularly updates its equality plan, conducts equality surveys and reviews measures and practices related to equal opportunities in recruitment, career and salary development and the measures and practices employed in the development of professional competence.

Within its sphere of influence, Technopolis respects and supports the principles of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Convention on the Rights of the Child and the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

Responsibility to Customers and Partners

Technopolis’s customer relationships are based on honesty, integrity and trust. The company treats its partners fairly and equitably. Partners are also expected to follow Technopolis’s quality and ethical principles and standards and to comply with laws and regulations. Technopolis works closely with its customers and partners to manage and monitor health and safety at its properties and new building locations, thus protecting its customers, suppliers and visitors.

Responsibility to the Community

Technopolis actively develops its business culture and working methods in co-operation with its customers and partners. The company works tirelessly with the community to identify its best sources of growth potential within the knowledge-intensive sector and to develop these strengths into a sustainable, internationally competitive knowledge-intensive ecosystem. Technopolis promotes innovation in all its services and actions by participating in projects that promote strategic networking, start-ups and profitable growth.

Technopolis does not support political parties or political organizations, and does not take part in the funding of candidates in election campaigns.

Responsibility to Investors

Technopolis complies with the principle of equality and simultaneousness in its investor communications and acts in a transparent, credible, proactive, and consistent way in all communication situations. The company is committed to treating all investors equally and fairly, which means striving to ensure that investors all receive accurate information about the company’s financial performance, future outlook and business operations in a timely manner and without giving any party an undue advantage. Technopolis conforms to corporate governance requirements set for publicly-listed companies and complies with applicable corporate governance regulation, standards and guidelines.

Responsibility to the Environment

In its environmental strategy, Technopolis emphasizes environmentally-friendly and efficient energy and water use; the company strives to reduce CO2 emissions and landfill waste and to boost recycling and reuse. Technopolis continuously improves its environmental data collection, remote reading and sustainability reporting, and also expects its partners to report regularly on their energy, water and waste recycling and reutilization efficiency.

Technopolis is committed to incorporating environmental and sustainability governance into its ownership and investment processes. The company already starts the development of ecological sustainability in the design phase and seeks to carry it through to its end products and services.

Technopolis Does Not Accept Corruption

Technopolis follows competition legislation and avoids conflict of interest situations. Technopolis and its personnel do not accept, pay or offer to pay bribes or illegal payments or offer other benefits that would give unearned personal benefits to authorities, partners or customers in order to promote or keep up the company’s business or to influence the objective decision-making of the authorities or other parties. Technopolis’s personnel are not permitted to seek to obtain personal gain from their relationship with the company’s customers or partners.

Technopolis does not accept any actions related to money-laundering or other criminal activities.

Conforming to the Code of Conduct

This code of conduct is followed in all of Technopolis’s activities. Directors and supervisors have, due to their position as role models, an accentuated responsibility to respect the ethical principles. Every employee gets acquainted with the Code of Conduct as part of the Technopolis induction process or in conjunction with their annual appraisal discussions. The Code of Conduct shall guide every Technopolis employee in performing their duties and acting as a representative of Technopolis.

Within its sphere of influence, Technopolis aims to ensure that its subcontractors and partners also adhere to Technopolis’s Code of Conduct. This is of paramount importance when establishing or continuing business relationships.

Any actions that violate the Code of Conduct shall result in disciplinary discussions with the employee’s supervisor and will be reported to Technopolis’s Compliance Officer. The breaches are to be rectified immediately and followed by disciplinary measures. It is the duty of every Technopolis employee to report any transgression that they observe to their supervisor or to Technopolis’s compliance organization. Persons participating in the handling of any offence should ensure that the issue is handled in a way that protects the privacy of all parties.

Breaches observed can be reported to the following address: or also anonymously by mail to: Technopolis Plc, Legal Affairs/Compliance Officer, Energiakuja 3, 00180 Helsinki, Finland.

This Code of Conduct has been approved by Technopolis’s Board of Directors on August 15, 2013.