Sustainability Strategy


Sustainability is incorporated into Technopolis corporate strategy and DNA – in a nutshell, our strategy is to create sustainable competitive advantage by selling less space per person but more efficiency, flexibility and services to customers.

In 2016, we updated our strategic sustainability approach, the main tool steering our sustainability efforts. The renewal aimed to focus our efforts on those items that are most relevant to us and to convey the message in a framework that is easy to grasp for internal and external stakeholders, to better steer and motivate actions.

The strategic approach was updated with an eye for the long-term perspective, the megatrends in our sector and the customer approach that is at the heart of our operations. We sustain our ability to prosper over the long term by adapting to relevant social and environmental demands and the requirements of the community.

Driven by changes in work and growing demands from stakeholders, we cooperate with our customers and partners to find meaningful measures to support their success, workspace well-being, and productivity.

For us, sustainability is a day-to-day activity that is reflected in eco-efficient premises, motivated employees, services that support success, and a sense of community. With this approach, we aim to enhance our own and our customers’ competitive advantage through sustainability.

Focus Areas

Technopolis categorizes the impacts and measures of its Corporate Sustainability under three themes. The aim is to constantly develop the issues related to these themes.

Smart Parks – Communities that support success, well-being and productivity

Technopolis offers smart business environments focused on workspace quality that make customers’ businesses more efficient, combined with versatile services related to space, the working environment, and the working life and community. This way, Technopolis contributes to the profitable longterm growth of its business and communities.

Sustainable Efficiency – Eco-efficient, healthy, and resilient spaces

Technopolis offers its customers eco-efficient, healthy, and resilient spaces and services, by which Technopolis increases its competitive advantage within the industry.

Skills and Integrity – motivated and competent people with integrity

An inspiring and positive corporate culture and purposeful work are at the center of Technopolis talent engagement. Values and ethics lay the foundation for the company’s responsible business practices and ensure compliance with the Code of Conduct, good corporate governance, risk management, and responsibility for the well-being and satisfaction of personnel. By operating ethically, Technopolis ensures transparent value creation for stakeholders in the long term.

The focus areas – Smart Parks, Sustainable Efficiency, and Skills and Integrity – all include a set of targets and actions designed to guide the work.