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Through its flexibility and extensive service portfolio, Technopolis Fornebu assists small and large companies in development and growth. We ensure that your company can focus on business-critical operations while Technopolis takes care of day-to-day practicalities. Whether you are a single-person business or a large corporation, we have the right space for your business needs.

The Technopolis Fornebu campus is comprised of three different office buildings – the Terminal building, the Portal building and the Profile building – providing 70,000 m2 of prime rental office space.

Our buildings have high standards and a range of services for the tenants. We offer flexible space with the most extensive service provision on the market. We want to offer the optimum space solutions to our customers who are looking for space efficiency and flexibility that enables growth and development of operations.

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The Terminal Building

The terminal building is a historic building: a former departure and arrival hall at Fornebu airport. The building consists of 4 floors, offers good flexibility and is suitable for small, medium and large enterprises. There is a joint reception on the ground floor, known as the Kaj Fjell hall, where there is also a coffee shop and large lounge area. In the Kaj Fjell hall, on the 3rd floor, there is a restaurant and at the opposite end of the building there is a second restaurant connected to the conference area. There is also a gym and changing facilities in the building.

The Portal Building

The Portal building was completed in 2009. The building has 7 floors, including a roof terrace. It currently houses many large companies, both domestic and international. The building is linked to the Terminal building by a footbridge. Tenants use the reception and all other facilities in the Terminal building. The building is energy-efficient with a column-free construction and an intriguing facade. This provides space-efficient solutions.

The Profile Building

The Profile building is BREEAM-certified. It was completed for Accenture in 2012. The Profile building is linked to the Terminal building and uses all the facilities there. The building has a great glass facade and 5 floors.

Why Move to Technopolis?

Technopolis Fornebu is a vibrant campus with many exciting businesses. Technopolis helps companies to grow dynamically and work more efficiently with the help of our services. Our user association Technoport creates interaction between companies through networking events and professional input in everyday life. We offer flexible solutions in terms of office space and modifications.

Technopolis as a service provider wants to help our customers to focus on their core business and could create an environment where their daily issues and challenges related to the office premises will be solved by Technopolis team. This interaction model will contribute to more efficiency and cost savings for our customers.

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