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Location spiced up with great community and a wide variety of services let you focus on what you do best!

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Technopolis Services Let You Focus

Our customers value Technopolis’ services ranging from cleaning to events. The reason is simple – they can focus on what they do best. Let us take care of the non-core activities. Read more about all the services we have.

We ensure the functionality of our services through continuous interaction and customer satisfaction surveys. They tell us that our customers are truly feeling good at Technopolis! Once you are a customer, you can manage the services through our electronic service channel, MyTechnopolis.


Technopolis connects people and companies. Step through our wide-open doors …

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Delicious Lunches and Refreshing Coffee Breaks

Remember to take care of yourself and take a break once in a while. Enjoy our high-class and diverse restaurant and catering services near you.

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