Starts 18.8.2019 9.00
Ends 18.8.2019 16.00
Event location
Tekniikantie 12, Espoo
Technopolis Innopoli 1

Tour de Technopolis 2019

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Tour de Technopolis 2019 – The Joys of Group Riding

We’re hoping to attract people from all 7 countries and 17 campuses where Technopolis currently operates. The event is free of charge to all our customers and partners. The fifth Tour de Technopolis ride will take place in August. The Tour has attracted a loyal following of cycling enthusiasts and first-timers who want to experience the joys of group riding, challenge themselves a little and enjoy the terrific atmosphere and networking opportunities that the Technopolis community can offer.

Route & Instructions

The appr. 100 kilometer tour starts from Technopolis Innopoli 1, Otaniemi and continues via Kirkkonummi and Veikkola back to Otaniemi. Updated route here. Some snacks and refreshments are served during the tour.

ROUTE here (will be updated closer to the event)

Participants are not insured by Technopolis. The event is not timed. We are riding on public roads which are open to traffic. Preferred Bike is a road bike, but also other bikes such a cyclocross or hybrid can be used.

Speed Groups

We ride in four speed groups. Choose your group when registering to the event. The speeds are indicative and depends on weather and traffic conditions.

Fast group (30 km+/hour)
Fitness group (28-30 km/hour)
Hobby  group (26-28 km/hour)
Cappuccino  group (24-26 km/hour)


Cycle Challenge – Charity for Good Cause

Join us for great cycle challenge!

  • Register and donate now to support Finnish cancer research through the Cancer Foundation.
  • Cycle 100 km
  • No timing
  • No competition
  • Great company
  • Let’s make a difference! Even small donations help in a big way.

An online fundraiser for Cancer Society of Finland / Tour de Technopolis here.


9:00 Registration opens at Technopolis Innopoli 1, Espoo

Starting order
– Cappuccino group 9:30
– Hobby group 10:00
– Fitness group 10:15
– Fast group 10:30

Break and snack at Kantvik (Suomen Sokeri), Kantvik 47 km
Break at Veikkola (Vuorenmäen koulu) 79 km
15:00-16:00 Return to Technopolis Innopoli 1, Espoo
14:00–16:00 Light lunch will be served. You are welcome to use the sauna and shower after the tour. We provide towels.
16:00 End of the event


With Technopolis, you never bike alone!

Join us and enroll here before August 4, 2019. Registration: technopolis.fi/TDT2019.

Technopolis is a shared workspace expert. We provide efficient and flexible offices, coworking spaces and everything that goes with them. It is important for us to create and to maintain the feeling of Technopolis as a community. One way to do this is to organize various events that range from business to well-being events. We want to operate responsibly in our community and actively encourage our own staff and customers to participate in charity events.

Event Partners

Enervit, Fincycling, Giro d’Espoo, Grano Diesel, Jaguar, Resistentia, Sodexo, Velo&Oxygen

Join us for great cycle challenge –
charity for good cause!
Event catering provided by Sodexo

Service car provided by Fincycling

Fincycling logo



Giro d’Espoo  Jaguar


We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.

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