In times of uncertainty, the ability to change things is everything. Workspaces should also adjust to the changing needs of a company and constantly develop.

See below what concrete benefits a flexible office space can offer to your company.

Office costs are the second largest cost element for many companies, after employee expenses. Why tie yourself into long leases without the possibility to grow or shrink the space when times change? With us at Technopolis, the lease and the office floor area are flexible and adjustable to your company’s changing needs.

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When times get hard – or when times get good – you may have a rapid need to change offices. Smaller, bigger, maybe even in a different city? With Technopolis, it is all possible. See for example how Nordic Semiconductor made it happen.

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The future becomes more and more unpredictable. Long, fixed leases are so 2019.

Having flexibility in your contracts not only lowers your risks substantially, but also brings you a peace of mind. When comparing the costs of office spaces, you may not want to look only for the price per square meter but the whole package and how much flexibility you get with the contract.

Technopolis has flexibility build into everything we do. All companies and their needs are different, so our aim is to always find the most suitable solution for each company. Everything is customizable so we can always offer you the right level of flexibility.

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Even today, the size of the office is fixed for many companies and cannot be changed during the lease.

We at Technopolis want to offer the possibility to change the size of your office space flexibly along with your changing needs, whether it means bigger or smaller premises. Our network of offices within Northern Europe enables you to not only expand your work environment locally but also internationally. Read how Zervant has flexibly changed their office size several times within Technopolis premises due to their changing needs.

Due to the functional and flexible design of our buildings, it is also easy to modify your office layout so that the space can always be in optimal use.

Would your company benefit from a more flexible workspace? Let’s talk!

With us, it is okay to change your mind. Change is constant and we understand that your needs regarding the office space might change as well. Read how our adaptable office solution has made it easy for Helly Hansen to change their office size several times. Convenient, right?

Do you need more flexibility in your existing workspace solution? Contact us!


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“Change is the only constant,” said a wise man called Heraclitus some 2,000 years ago. We’ve felt the tremors of workspace and work life change under our feet for years already. We’ve even given it a name – “Workspace earthquake”. So we’ve prepared ourselves, we’ve anticipated, we’ve known.

As if.

The red-headed virus took us all by surprise. Suddenly everything we had talked about and envisioned was happening right now, right here. Workspaces and work habits were put to the test.

After surviving the initial shock we soon realised that even though we weren’t ready, we were much readier than many. Increasing remote work, flexible use of space, possibility to change on the fly… We had been doing all this for a long time, but now the speed of change accelerated over night.

The time has come to share our knowledge and expertise with you. We offer work spaces and services that already take into account things that are only now becoming the new reality to all. Why go back when one can go forward?