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Discover our stylish meeting rooms and first-class catering services for seminars, conferences and events of all sizes!

Meeting Rooms and Catering

With Technopolis Meeting, it’s easy to arrange the kind of meeting that fits your purpose. Whether you need a room full of ideas or a breakfast seminar for your entire clientele, we have you covered. Coffee and snacks, breakfast or lunch, pens and papers, just leave them to us. The conference services are tailored to the customer’s needs and the skilled personnel ensure that events go smoothly. We’re here so that you can focus on what’s relevant – your business.

Meeting Packages


The venue for (3-4) hours

A coffee break with either a sweet or savory pastry

Sliced fruit



The venue for (5-8) hours

Two coffee breaks


The morning coffee break includes a savory pastry and sliced fruit, the afternoon coffee break includes a sweet pastry.

The conference packages include: 

a meeting room / refreshments / a data projector and a screen or an LCD screen / a flip chart / pens and paper (a Toolbox is available on request) / a WiFi connection in the meeting rooms and common areas

The conference package prices are valid 08:00-17:00 Mon-Fri.
There will be no charge for the meeting room if the booking is made for a minimum of 10 people.

Branded Events

Personalize your event to look like you and your company.
Our modifiable event packages are available in three different scopes.

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