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Type Meeting room & sauna compartment
Equipment The room includes wireless TechnoWLAN, a data projector or LCD-screen and a flip chart or a whiteboard and materials for taking notes.
Services Catering services, assistant services, printing services, teleconference services and rental laptop are available for additional order.
Additional information Natural light in room. Spacious and comfortable room located on 8th (top) floor of building. Perfect for various occasions. Kitchen, fireplace and roomy patio with an impressive view over the city. Two saunas for 10-20  persons and steam room. Kitchen is equipped with high quality set for 40 persons. Reception at customer service desk on the 3rd floor.
Reservations conference@technopolis.fi, tel. +358 (40) 450  4008
Sauna premises include a sound system, Playstation 3, Sing Star, digibox and radio. You are free to bring your own alcohol drinks whit you to the sauna premises.
Address Kalevantie 2
33100 Tampere
  • Kansleri
    Kalevantie 2
    33100 Tampere
  • Technopolis Yliopistonrinne
    Kalevantie 2
    33100 Tampere
    +358 46 712 0190
  • Customer service
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