Technopolis Video Conferencing Service

Our service will change the way you work. Forget any preconceptions about video conferencing – try out Technopolis’ video conferencing service. The high-quality sound and crisp video bring all participants to the same space, regardless of their actual location. Video conferences can easily be arranged between Technopolis sites as well as to external video conferencing facilities in Finland and overseas. If necessary, participants can join a conference using their phones, computers, or tablets.

How Does Video Conferencing Work?

1. What, when and who?
First confirm the time and participants that our conference service team then uses as the basis for booking the facilities and services. You can also use our easy video conferencing packages to help you plan your meeting. We recommend that you make your booking at least two working days before the conference.

2. Any additional services?
Would you like us to monitor your meeting, do you need a record of it – and how about some delicious refreshments? Our conference service team will run over the additional services with you in order to ensure you’ll have everything you need.

3. Your booking is confirmed!
Our conference service team confirms your booking so that you can focus on planning the content of the event.

4. Any changes?
If the number of participants increases, the schedule lengthens, or any other changes come up, please notify our conference service team so that we can adjust your booking.

5. Come over and enjoy your meeting!
Our lobby services team directs participants to the meeting room and shows them how the equipment works. The services are invoiced after the conference.

Additional Services for Video Conferences


Snacks, lunch or something else? Let us know what you’d like and we’ll take care of the refreshments.

Managing the conference

Do you want to make sure that your important meeting starts on time? If there are several parties joining the conference or you just want to ensure that the meeting starts at the agreed time, you can add the management service to your booking.

Monitoring the conference

Do you want to ensure that all participants can join the conference from facilities outside of Technopolis without any problems? Our support service team monitors the conference to make sure that the connections launch at the scheduled time. If any of the participants face any problems during the conference, the team will react immediately.

Testing the conference connections

Will there be participants joining the conference from outside the Technopolis video conferencing network? We will test the external connections well before the start of your conference to ensure that everything runs smoothly. You can also perform the test yourself using our instructions.

Your first conference for free!

You can try out our service for free. This offer includes a meeting between two Technopolis facilities for two hours with no additional services. The offer is available at all Technopolis sites. To book, please call +358 40 450 4018