Online Service Channel

MyTechnopolis is an online, free-of-charge service channel for our customers to ease daily errands. Via the channel you can easily use and shop our services when it suits you best – 24/7. In MyTechnopolis you can also follow our promise of five star customer service.

MyTechnopolis at Your Services

  • Reserve conference rooms and order catering
  • Make requests for maintenance and orders for additional maintenance services
  • Browse our event calendar and sign up
  • Get to know and use the Eazy 4U benefits available for employees working at Technopolis campuses
  • Learn about our  offering and order services
  • Follow the handling of your service requests
  • Give feedback

Go to MyTechnopolis

User ID for the Service Channel

First we will make a MyTechnopolis agreement with your company. Then we will create user IDs for named persons.

If you do not yet have a user ID, please contact

The user IDs are personal and cannot be transferred to other persons.

See terms of use and database description here.