New Office Space Under Construction

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Technopolis is constructing new office buildings in Tallinn and in various locations in Finland such as in Oulu, Vantaa, Helsinki, Tampere and Kuopio.

Technopolis Aviapolis H-building, Vantaa

Near the Helsinki-Vantaan airport.
Teknobulevardi 3-5, Vantaa, Finland

Technopolis Ruoholahti 3, Helsinki

In Ruoholahti, in the end of Länsiväylä, western route to Helsinki.
Hiilikatu, Helsinki

Technopolis Ülemiste, Tallinn

Near the airport of Tallinn.
Lõõtsa 12, Tallinn, Estonia

Technopolis Asemakeskus, Tampere

Near the main railwaystation of Tampere.
In the corner of Erkkilänsilta and Peltokatu, Tampere

Technopolis Ydinkeskusta, Oulu

Right in the heart of Oulu city center.
Sepänkatu 20, Oulu