Internet Connection

At Technopolis campuses we provide fast and reliable internet services for the tenants

We deliver internet services from Technopolis network which is modern and designed for enterprise use. Services are available both for light use as a standard package and tenant’s demanding needs as tailorable solution. In our service portfolio are modern wireless network services as well as fixed internet connections which can be both fulfilled with the customer-specific security services.


The Technopolis Firewall & VPN Service is an additional service for a Technopolis Internet connection. With the service you can protect your local area network against harmful data requests and create a safe mobile connection to your local area network.

There are two options with the Firewall Service: the basic service and the customized service. With the basic service you will get customized firewall rules but the reporting is available only in the customized service. The customized service includes a customized virtual firewall and the reporting of firewall rules and traffic incidents. In both versions the service includes the devices, maintenance and management of the service. The service is implemented with a centralized, duplicated device environment.

The VPN Service is an additional service for the Internet connection. You can add two or more business units into same network with the VPN Service. It is a great service supporting workplace mobility – securely.


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