Five-star Customer Service

Reception service of special quality, and valued by our customers, operates in the heart of the premises of Technopolis. Our lobby service supports the brands and values of our client companies with high-class and personalized services. The reception ensures a positive experience every day for the employees, guests and co-operative partners of the companies. Experts from different fields can be met over a cup of coffee in the stylish lobby spaces, in an international and lively atmosphere. The lounge-style sofa clusters offer companies an additional work area and Wi-Fi net access in a pleasant environment.

The Lobby Service Brings Relief to the Everyday Routine

Our skilled and energetic lobby personnel help our customers personally in taking care of current matters and supporting the everyday business of the companies. Reception takes care of diverse office services  from the management of post to ordering office supplies. We do our best to ensure that our customers always feel that they are getting five-star service when doing business with us.

The contact details of all the Technopolis lobby services can be found here.