and Coffee Shops

High-class and diverse restaurant and catering services are available in all the premises of Technopolis.

In addition to lunch and coffee services, a service can be ordered for all events from morning seminars to evening parties. Events with service can also be arranged  in the restaurant areas outside their opening hours.

Restaurant Services – Delicacies Available from Morning to Evening

Technopolis wants to support the comprehensive well-being of its clients with high-quality and personalized  restaurant services. The diverse restaurant and catering services are available from the morning to late in the afternoon. From the coffee shop, you can grab e.g. refreshing  smoothies, crisp pastries and fresh coffee to take with you at once from the morning onwards. At lunch, many different alternatives are on offer, from traditional Scandinavian cuisine to ample salad buffets  and from tasty grilled dishes to the latest crazes . The afternoon coffee break can be livened up with energizing and healthy snacks and refreshing drinks. To take away, you can get dinners, fresh pastries or seasonal delicacies from our restaurants.

The Ambitious Kitchen Guarantees Successful Events

The keywords of our restaurants are the tastiness of the dishes, healthiness and the raw ingredients of the season. Behind our popular restaurant services, there is an ambitious kitchen and  devoted personnel. The restaurant and cafe environments of Technopolis tempt workers and guests to different kinds of get-togethers and offer a pleasant  place to relax alongside the working day. The restaurant services are also available for small and large events held in the conference premises of Technopolis, from morning meetings to cocktail parties.

You can find further information about the conference premises and booking restaurant services on the conference services page.

Lunch Menus and Restaurants at Our Locations

City Location Restaurant Lunch Menu
Espoo Innopoli 1 RE5T4UR4NT HEHKU Sodexo Website
Espoo Innopoli 2 Restaurant Metropol Share Tastes & Events Website
Espoo Innopoli 3 Antell-Restaurant Maari Antell Website
Helsinki Ruoholahti 2 RE5T4UR4NT HIILI Sodexo Website
Helsinki Ruoholahti 3 MIN Ruoholahti Sodexo Website
Kuopio Microkatu 1 Restaurant Round and Log In Bistro Antell Website
Kuopio Microkatu 1 Restaurant Tower Antell Website
Kuopio Microkatu Restaurant Hyvä Huomen Ravintola Hyvä Huomen Website
Kuopio Viestikatu 1-3 Restaurant Eatwell Antell Website
Kuopio Viestikatu 3 Restaurant Caari Fazer Website
Kuopio Viestikatu 7 Restaurant Highway Antell Website
Oslo Fornebu Transit ISS Website
Oulu Kontinkangas Kiviharjunlenkki 1B Restaurant Stone Amica Website
Oulu Linnanmaa Elektroniikkatie 2B Restaurant Elektra Sodexo Website
Oulu Linnanmaa Elektroniikkatie 3 Kahvila Sodexo Website
Oulu Linnanmaa Elektroniikkatie 8 Smarthouse Restaurant Smarthouse Amica Website
Oulu Linnanmaa Elektroniikkatie 10 Restaurant Galaksi Sodexo Website
Oulu Linnanmaa Teknologiantie 1 Ravintola Garden Amica Website
Oulu Lentokentäntie Restaurant Lentokentäntie Sodexo Website
Oulu Medipolis Restaurant Medusa Amica Website
Oulu Peltola Yrttipellontie 1 RE5T4UR4NT MYRSKY Sodexo Website
Oulu Peltola Yrttipellontie 6 – Ravintola Luoto Restaurant Luoto Sodexo Website
Oulu Ydinkeskusta Restaurant Konnekti Amica Website
St.Petersburg Pulkovo Restaurant ILMA Sodexo Website
Tallinn Ülemiste Dvigatel Sodexo OÜ Website
Tampere Hermia 1
Tampere Hermia 11 Restaurant Hertta Linkosuo Website
Tampere Mediapolis Restaurant Live Juvenes Website
Tampere Yliopistonrinne Restaurant Aleksis Aleksin Ravintolat Website
Vantaa Teknobulevardi 3-5 RE5T4UR4NT SIIPI Sodexo Website