4 Major Acquisitions This Year

This year, Technopolis has implemented its growth strategy with four major property and business acquisitions with an astonishing total value of EUR 325,6 million. Two of the acquisitions were made in Finland (in Oulu and Otaniemi in Espoo), one in Lithuania (in Vilnius) and one in Norway (in Oslo). Completing these acquisitions was very challenging in many respects for the organization. They also bring new co-workers to our organization from countries that are completely new to us.

Integrating these campuses into our Technopolis concept will require a systematic and determined integration process. Our aim is that also our new campuses will meet the external hallmarks and functionalities that are part of our concept, and that our key internal processes and operating methods will also be adopted by our new employees. So, there is a lot to do from the point of view of HR as well. We have had the chance to learn about the rules of labor law in new countries, ranging from the terms and conditions of collective labor agreements to practices related to pensions and insurance, as well as getting to know different cultures.

With the company growing, duties become more diverse, sometimes also more complicated. Even larger perspectives must be taken into account in internal and external reporting, while the planning of the company’s business includes the impact of the local features of different countries in the everyday operations of space and service sales. In addition to the new business units, the company’s growth results in some other recruitment needs, and at the end of the year, there are already 187 Technopolis employees in five countries. Our organization has also grown to a size that has allowed us to offer our employees new career opportunities within Technopolis. The most recent example of this is the post of Integration Manager, recruited internally, whose task is to manage the integration of the Fornebu campus in Oslo to become part of Technopolis. The open internal search for Integration Manager raised a lot of interest, and several applications were submitted for this six-month posting in Oslo. Karita Huotari, head of our Matchmaking services, was picked for the task from among the three high-quality final candidates.

I firmly believe that this arrangement will provide considerable added value to Technopolis as well as our Norwegian colleagues. At Technopolis, we continuously measure our success, not only in our customer relationships but also in the cooperation of our different functions, and naturally without forgetting our financial objectives.  We have emphasized the Five Star Service Experience exceeding all expectations in everything we do. There are lots of challenges, but we will assess our success in Oslo from this point of view when the summer is near.

Outi Raekivi
Director, Legal Affairs, also responsible for HR, Environmental & Sustainability