If our customers are not satisfied or feel they have not received great service experience, we’d like to know about it as soon as possible so that we can fix it. We measure customer experience at each critical meeting point. Alerts have been activated in the surveys, and low grades are immediately flagged to us in an email. We react to criticism we receive in person, and we will take care of the matter as soon as we can. Our …
Technopolis has created a corporate culture to measure customer satisfaction and explore how to improve it at each level of customer interaction. One important factor in providing good customer experience is to support and help business partners make changes.
It shouldn’t be unclear to anyone that Finland is in deep water. Statistics on the halted economic growth, the mushrooming of public debts and unemployment are unyielding signs that we don’t have time to waste.
I’m passionate about service. I can’t help it. People think of me as a “difficult” customer – and for good reason. I do not settle for poor service, even though people who complain are often silenced by denial or excuses.