All Technopolis Services Now Available in Lithuania

The spread of international companies across the Baltic countries has significantly increased the demand for Technopolis services in Vilnius. Technopolis has in a very short space of time established its position in Lithuania, and has just made an investment decision that will involve extending the campus premises.

The Technopolis campus is located about three kilometres from Vilnius city centre in an area that is being developed yet kept spacious. The three buildings feature 42,300 m2 of space to let and all high-standard Technopolis services.

CSC Baltic appreciates Technopolis’ approach


CSC Baltic is part of the international CSC Group, which offers business solutions and services and employs 72,000 technology professionals in more than 70 countries. CSC Baltic started its operations in Vilnius in 2008 and provides IT-related services in the Baltic and Nordic countries as well as in many other European countries. The company employs 340 people.

“At first we moved often as we grew and expanded the business; we wanted to find larger and better premises so that we could all work in the same building. In the end we moved to the Alfa house, which Technopolis acquired at the same time as the Beta and Gama houses,” says Ingrida Bartkiene, Communications Manager at CSC Baltic.

“After the new owner took over, we noticed that tenants were much better looked after. The premises were modernised – they are much more practical now – and the new restaurant was a dream come true. The food is good and the selection is great. There is also a strong community spirit at the campus as people from different companies get together at various activities and networking events.”

“The three most important features of the Technopolis services are proactivity, speed and quality. Exactly what services should be! It may sound rude but we are really happy that the property changed hands, and the attention and service we now receive in the everyday running of our business is great. If you want to win and keep a customer, you must build bridges between the two of you and invest your time and resources in creating a good environment. This is exactly what Technopolis Lithuania is doing,” says Bartkiene.

Base for international companies


The core of the Technopolis Ozas campus includes four large companies; financial houses SEB, Western Union and Barclays, as well as the IT company CSC. Two buildings and part of the third building are occupied by these companies. Almost 3,600 people work on the campus.

“Technopolis provides emerging businesses, start-ups and other companies with international operations with an environment where they can develop, network and grow easily,” says Technopolis Ozas’ Service Manager Vytautė Tutkutė. “We are a new company in Lithuania and are investing in making our services known. Our slogan is ‘More than squares’, and we are working hard to make this a reality.”

“Our four major tenants are all well-known both locally and internationally, so it is great that they have selected our campus to house their offices. A total of 14 companies operate from our premises, and we have customers who use the Business Lounge for different lengths of time.

The companies have access to reception services, three restaurants, meeting and seminar rooms, video conferencing facilities and Business Lounge rooms. Technopolis regularly organises Matchmaking and other events and, just like in the other countries, the services include Eazy 4U and MyTechnopolis.


Technopolis to extend the Vilnius campus

“International companies are expanding their operations in the Baltic countries, and the demand for Technopolis premises and services is huge in Vilnius,” says Technopolis CEO Keith Silverang. “The pre-let rate for the extension stands at 48 %, and the longest lease is for ten years. The occupancy rate at the campus is 100 %, so we are confident that our decision to invest in the extension was right.”

Vilnius_team_2.jpgTechnopolis will invest 35.4 million euros in the campus extension. The new office building is estimated to be finished in December 2016, and the rental floor space will be 21,600 m2 – an increase of around 50% on the current space. There will also be 390 new parking spaces in addition to the existing 1,280 spaces.

The Technopolis Ozas campus boasts a great location near the city centre, great transport connections, numerous services and open, park-like outdoor areas.

CSC’s Ingrida Bartkiene has a strong view of what business premises owners Gama_lobby.jpgshould offer to enhance their tenants’ wellbeing, and, in her opinion, Technopolis in Vilnius has achieved just that.