Are Your Company’s Secrets in a Trash Can?

Fire walls, virus protection and passwords go a long way towards keeping any confidential information stored on computers safe. What may be overlooked are the countless pages of computer printout and other documents that nobody needs or cares about.

In old movies, secret service agents rummage through the enemy’s trash cans, and often the solution to the mystery is found there. Even today this is still a known concept, where the competition is tough at all levels. It may not be ‘cops and robbers’ exactly, but confidential information can end up in the wrong hands simply by accident.

Destroying Information Is Hard Work

Every so often we read in the papers about documents of a public institution or a large company spread over the streets. This can easily happen, and such headlines should remind us of the importance of destroying confidential documents in the appropriate way.

Companies used to use shredders a lot – and they are still in use in some companies – but shredding large amounts of paper takes time and may never get gone. Data security rests on the company routines and guidelines.

Paperinkeräys Offers Encore Services that Care for the Environment

Paperinkeräys Oy is well-known in Finland for its paper recycling services, which have always been very well organized on a global scale. It may be less well-known that the company has broadened its operations and is now a provider of environmental services that offer comprehensive waste management logistics packages to businesses. Reusing and recycling are at the core of its business.

Technopolis and Paperinkeräys Oy signed a contract for environmental services, and destroying all confidential material that Technopolis’ customers want to get rid of is included in this contract.

All Technopolis customers can have a locked recycling container in their premises for any confidential material that they want to be destroyed ecologically and safely.

Safe Logistics

“We’re a logistics company more than anything else, and we have developed the Encore Information Security Service so that we can offer our customers an efficient and economical package,” says Jari Palin, Customer Group Manager at Paperinkeräys. “We supply our customers with a safe lockable container with an RFID tag, which is replaced by an empty one as agreed or as per a separate order. The logistics of the emptying process is carefully planned and safe in terms of data security. We can track every container’s movements from the customer’s office until its contents have been destroyed. Paper is destroyed by shredding, and the resulting chaff is used in manufacturing soft paper products. The customer receives a report of the entire chain.”

The Encore services also handle all other material containing confidential information. Diskettes, CDs, old phones and hard drives are among the materials that are crushed and recycled. Uniforms and other work clothes are also something that companies do not want to be sold in thrift stores, and these can also be destroyed in an appropriate way and reused as energy.

Order Your Safe Container from Technopolis

It is easy to ensure that your data security is managed properly. The containers come in different sizes, and the fee for emptying them is very reasonable. You can have your container emptied regularly, e.g. once a week or every three months, or order the emptying as required.

Many companies prefer to have all white paper waste destroyed. By doing so, you can be certain that no confidential information gets into the wrong hands. Destroying computers, prototypes and other special materials can be arranged on a case-by-case basis.

Please contact Technopolis Customer Service team if you would like to order a safe container.