Your customers are closer than you think

In 2013, we organized close to one hundred matchmaking events in Finland, Tallinn, St.Petersburg and Vilnius. The events offered opportunities for our customers to find partners, customers, talents and financiers.

“Last fall we did a survey to seek ideas and get views on what kind of services boost business would be of interest and in demand among our customers. Almost 500 respondents, about one third of all tenant companies, contributed via phone interviews. Most of the respondents were interested in selling, buying or finding partners among other companies located in Technopolis. So, not just selling but also buying, showing that business opportunities exist and can be much closer than you think”, says Karita Huotari, Head of Matchmaking Services.

“58 % of the respondents had done business with at least one company located at Technopolis. Typically the customer, supplier or partner was from the same location. Out of those who had attended our networking and matchmaking events, the corresponding figure was 71 %. The difference shows that events play and important role not just in networking but also generating business in our community. So your activeness in our events can create transactions, reminds” Karita.

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