Effective tools for managing your business

ICT Ready Office offers you tools to manage your business even better. As a Technopolis customer you can get great tools for HR management, project reporting, document sharing, IT administration and the virtualization of server capacity.


We have designed scalable services together with selected service partners. You can easily get to know the services, make a contact request or create an order in MyTechnopolis service channel.

– TP HR System is a cloud service, where your personnel can update their own information

– TP Time Registration is a cloud service,  where you can create the projects and report the hours

– TP Collaboration is a Microsoft Office 365 service tailored according to your needs

– ICT Management is an IT administration service tailored according to your needs

– TP Capacity offers virtual server capacity for your data

How to get started:

– Log in to MyTechnopolis: https://my.technopolis.fi

  • If you don’t have user name yet, ask it at info@technopolis.fi
  • Choose ICT Services
  • Choose a service
  • Order the service or leave a contact request

For more information contact Salla Brunou,  salla.brunou@technopolis.fi