Focus on Energy Efficiency

Real Estates consume ca. 40 % of all energy. Technopolis wants to contribute to decreasing this amount and has committed to save 10% of its energy consumption during 2011-2016. In addition, Technopolis participates in national energy saving agreement for premises started in 2011, which aims to save 6% of energy consumption by the end of 2016.

Focusing on improving energy efficiency helps to manage the condition, value and maintenance fee levels of buildings. During 2014 Technopolis has planned and carried out numerous energy efficiency projects with its partners.

Technopolis has ordered several energy audits and is renewing multiple energy certificates. A good example of Technopolis interest in energy saving and carbon footprint decreasing is decision in 2014 to invest a total of 1,2 million euros to energy efficiency projects in addition to normal budgeted energy efficiency investments.

Also energy piling pilot project in Innova 2 in Jyväskylä, which has been estimated to save half of the building’s heating and cooling energy, and commitment to provide 100% green electricity to customers in Finland show also acting according to Technopolis sustainability values.

Remember to book approaching Finnish energy saving week 41 to your calendar.Energy_310x230.jpg

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More information on energy efficiency from Virve Valonen, Concept Development & Sustainability Manager,, Tel. +358 50 467 6014.