Framework for Business Development

Desk and chair – that’s what makes a workstation. But where, with whom, how? A multi-functional office, Business Lounge, own base – many people need all of these. A professional survey can help you get started or making changes.

“Come to us, we’ll give your company a makeover!” Many businesses need to make changes – whether they admit or not. There is a move away from cube farms towards multi-functional offices that in most cases increase the level of comfort and the company’s efficiency. However, Technopolis does not market it quite that way.

Surveying needs and goals

Technopolis wants put its money where its mouth is and live in the reality it Showroom_toimisto_small.pngprovides. A year ago, we began to think about the functionality of our own office, and the project resulted in a multi-functional office at Innopoli in Espoo.

“Multi-functional offices are a topical issue these days, and in fact, they suit most companies better than a conventional cubicle office,” says Anniina Tynkkynen, Head of Sales, Helsinki Metropolitan Area, at Technopolis. “You shouldn’t blindly rush into change.”

“The process begins with a survey that takes the company’s goals, culture and working methods into account. The primary guidelines are drawn up for each unit and team, observing the requirements of flexibility and change. The commitment of the management always plays a key role.”

According to Tynkkynen, typical motives for the change include budget limits, cost efficiency, and optimizing the use of space. Many companies also need to make changes – whether they admit it or not. Relocating is an excellent opportunity to get rid of old burdens.

Experienced, and with an understanding of the individual

“Relocating is always a big thing, and gaining its positive benefits requires preparation,” Tynkkynen continues. “The discussions start with the management. Diverse workshops and online surveys covering all employees and diverse workshops are good ways of committing the personnel to the change process and the new office space. Success does not depend on the space. Actually, it is a question of the corporate culture: understanding it and shaping it – otherwise, the change is merely cosmetic.”

Technopolis’ understanding of business space and corporate cultures is certainly based on extensive experience, but Tynkkynen thinks that expertise is based on enthusiasm and committed learning above all else.

“The best results are achieved by paying attention to all factors – not burying Puhelinkoppi_310.pngyour head in the sand,” Tynkkynen says. “There are so many things that affect the workplace. What the company’s culture is like now, and in the future. Teamwork, cooperation between different functions; what does it mean to us? The company’s values can also be represented in concrete ways, such as in the form of photo wallpaper, the names of the meeting rooms, or on the wall of the entrance lobby.”

“Do not forget about the individual! Some people can be introverts used to working independently in privacy. They need support and flexibility in times of change. The example set by the management is also paramount.”

From one to hundreds – all over Finland and abroad

Technopolis wants to offer companies of all sizes a business environment conducive to development. A one-man company can lease a fully furnished and equipped 12-sqm room and utilize the settings have all the trappings of a big company.

Internet and printing facilities are included in our turnkey solutions. Meeting rooms can be booked via an online portal, and the campus restaurants and other facilities provide networking opportunities. Another possibility is to make use of the Business Lounges at the campuses, which offer office space whenever you need it. Whether you are on a business trip or for some other reason, if you need to find a place to work for a moment – or longer – these spaces are ideal for small and large companies alike.

Technopolis’ Matchmaking events, other events and even chance encounters at lunch in the restaurants or elsewhere around the campus provide huge opportunities for companies of all sizes. They have resulted in many discussions, a lot of networking, and the generation of many new business opportunities.

“We have built and furnished a demonstration office at Innopoli with our partner,” Tynkkynen says. “Anyone who is interested can come and take a look at the furniture options and choose the equipment, furniture and colors they want. We don’t just offer mere space; we want to offer companies everything they need – in a planned and flexible way.”