Your HappyorNot Feedback influences for Real

Technopolis has over 30 restaurants and most of our restaurants have HappyorNot – devices to measure customer satisfaction.

We have a very good response rate, since the devices are placed in visible places,Laura_thumb.png where it is easy for customers to give feedback. “ Last year´s target was to exceed the results of 2012, which was 75 and this year we got 76 on a scale of 0-100, “ says pleased Laura Krusius, Head of Frontline Services.

“In the recent years we have adopted a contract model with the restaurant operators, where the customer satisfaction survey´s grade influences the value of their contract. This way the grade is intensively followed on a weekly bases together with the operators. This model has had truly positive impacts on our results,“ tells Laura Krusius.

Did your meeting go well?

”We also measure the satisfaction of meeting room and videoconference services. We send an sms survey to each customer after their meeting. If response shows us that the meeting arrangements were not successful, we contact the person by telephone”, Laura mentions.

”We go through every single feedback together with our staff and partners and develop our services process so that our customer are happy. Every feedback also helps us in the product development processes”,  says Laura.