Invest in well-being

There is a lot of talk about well-being at work and the problems of sitting for several hours. Studies show that employees who regularly engage in physical exercise are more efficient and productive at work and also cope better mentally. Physical exercise at the workplace is significant in decreasing absences due to illness.

“Exercise vouchers are a common method for supporting the physical eKuntosali_310.pngxercise of employees, but there is a more motivating way of getting the personnel to move around. When realized correctly, the company’s own gym is the most efficient way of increasing the physical activity of employees,” says Markus Katainen at Omasali Oy.

Omasali offers an all-in-one service that allows companies to effortlessly put in place a modern exercise facility with equipment suitable for their employees, along with installation, instructions for use, and exercise programs. Tracking provides information on physiological development at both personal and company levels.

The extensive range of equipment facilitates functional solutions for premises of all sizes and users of all ages and sizes. If the facility is small, such as an office room, or it is to be kept multi-functional, compact equipment that blends in with the décor is available – without compromising the properties of use.

“Companies should remove as many obstacles to their employees getting physical exercise as possible. As we all know, it is easy to come up with excuses. The gym should be located where people spend their time, which would make their hectic everyday life easier. Technopolis customer companies have good opportunities for physical exercise at the Yliopistonrinne gym, whose high-quality exercise equipment we supplied,” Katainen says.

Physical exercise at your own desk

“I have a 12 sqm office in Tampere at Technopolis Yliopistonrinne, and in this Omasali_Kuntopyr_310x230.pngcompact space I have enough space for a foldable exercise center for exercising my entire body as well as a Lifebalance Station. The leg exercise activates my blood circulation and is an excellent counterweight for static sitting. The range of motion is pleasant and the resistance is at a minimum, which makes working fluent and there is no sweating. At the same time, my working position remains ergonomic, and after a day at work it is nice to check the computer to see how many kilometers I ‘travelled’ and how many calories I burned,” Katainen describes.

There are also other models of active workstations, but the basic idea remains the same. Employees consume a lot of energy during the working day, and activating the body enhances their coping at work and concentration. “This kind of workstation is excellent for employees who sit a lot and do not otherwise get much exercise. Once using it becomes a routine, it also encourages other forms of exercise,” Katainen explains.

Supporting exercise can be a competitive advantage

Competition for good employees is tough nowadays. By supporting physical exercise during working hours, an employer makes the company more attractive. Not to even mention the excellent benefits to the employer from healthy and efficient employees. “We have several customer companies for whom we have built their own gym, and the feedback from them has been extremely positive,” Katainen says.