It’s Time to Start the Growth Machine

It shouldn’t be unclear to anyone that Finland is in deep water. Statistics on the halted economic growth, the mushrooming of public debts and unemployment are unyielding signs that we don’t have time to waste.

In the run-up to the elections, politicians have been surprisingly unanimous in that we desperately need growth and growth entrepreneurship. Companies are putting all their strength into saving Finland, but unfortunately that won’t be enough. Instead of a pond, Finland needs an ocean of growth companies. But how do we create a tidal wave?

Finland has enough know-how and funding to create growth. What we need is a huge change of attitude on a wide front and decent incentives for growth entrepreneurship.

Wisdom doesn’t live in the Parliament House. Ronald Reagan was right when he said: “Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.” The Finnish state supports investments within the forest industry with public funds, although growth companies provide many times as many jobs. And it’s not the large operators that need the support anyway.

Public innovation services and financial support should be aimed at emerging fields of growth. At the same time, taxation structures need to be changed. We have to give up the idiotic fixation on equality. Why should taxation be the same for everyone? People are not equal. Companies are not equal. What is important, however, is that everyone has equal opportunities.

Technopolis is growing alongside its clients. In five years, we have grown almost 200 per cent. There are currently 47,000 people working under our roofs, and we intend to continue our strong growth. We offer a superb market for our clients. Our campuses are hot spots for companies geared toward growth.

We want to help our clients do business. Canvassing for customers is the number one activity for growth companies. If a company has a customer, it will find funding. The big question is how do we promote cooperation between companies? We have to get demand and supply to meet in a better way. If trade is working inside the campuses, we can create an internal growth machine.

Added value would be created if we had enough smart customer management systems to facilitate getting key persons and service providers together to meet and talk – a bit like our matchmaking events. Sellers would earn more and customers would achieve better work efficiency.

The topics of this Technopolis News magazine are growth and its funding. New opportunities for growth are offered, for example, by the Internet of Things, which is estimated to become a global business worth billions of euros.

You could start speeding up your company’s success, for example, by improving the productivity of your key persons. My way of handling stress is to cycle 11,000 kilometres a year. Our clients also have many interesting new products to increase productivity.

Keith Silverang, CEO, Technopolis Plc