A Growth Company Appreciates a Flexible Service Provider

Sympa Oy has been a tenant at Technopolis Helsinki-Vantaa since 2008. During this time, Sympa has grown from a start-up with a couple of employees into an international company with more than 40 employees. The founders of Sympa Oy, siblings Taina Sipilä and Keijo Karjalainen, are satisfied with the flexible space solutions Technopolis gives them. “We started out in premises of a couple of dozen sqm, but we’ve expanded every year. Currently, we are occupying more than 350 sqm,” says Keijo, Sympa’s CEO. Sympa Oy also has another office in Lahti, Finland, which houses its Technology and Support Service teams.

Taukotila_Sympa_Vantaa_small.jpgSympa Oy offers a comprehensive, agile and global cloud-based HR information system and professional services to support it. The Sympa HR system combines human resources management (HRM), human resources development (HRD) and recruitment processes in a coherent package. Information about an organization’s personnel is always up to date and available to the right people, and a wide range of reports can be produced. This allows the customer organization to focus on its core business and personnel development, with considerably less time spent on routine duties. The Sympa HR system has already been delivered to more than 200 organizations, and it has more than 60,000 users worldwide. The system is completely industry-independent and available as a cloud service 24/7.

On-site, remote and network support

Flexible space solutions, diverse services and continuously developing services are today’s thing, and they are also Sympa’s absolute requirement for the provider of its business space. Sympa sells and delivers the Sympa HR system worldwide both itself and via a network of resellers.

“We arrange lots of training courses and webinars for our customers and reselling partners. Flexible facilities for on-site training and functional connections for remote training are vital. We use the remote connections every day for the company’s internal and external meetings in Finland and around the world,” says Growth Director Taina Sipilä. “Naturally, we also travel to take part in meetings, exhibitions, and other events at times. The proximity of the airport was an important criterion for us back in 2008 when we were thinking about where to locate the company,” Sipilä adds and continues, “we also often take part in networking events arranged by Technopolis, and they have provided us with a nice mix of new partners and customers.”

Cooperation gives birth to something new – a Novel HR System Purchasing Model

Technopolis and Sympa Oy have also established a joint business model and Omakuvagalleria_Sympa_small.jpgcreated a lighter, customized solution based on the Sympa HR system for Technopolis customers.

The solution covers the key issues required in HR management: personal, employment, and salary details and management of job descriptions, objectives, absence and holidays, as well as training and employment history. The system also features a personnel search, telephone directory, and diverse reporting functions. It is geared particularly for use by small and medium-sized organizations. If necessary, it can also be expanded into the comprehensive Sympa HR system with more customized content.

The solution can easily be deployed in as little as a few hours. It will be made available to customers in early December, and it can be ordered via the MyTechnopolis service, Technopolis’ free electronic service for its customers. Buying online is a new HR system purchasing model in Finland, but it has already been successfully used in the Netherlands by a reselling partner of Sympa Oy.   

Responsibility and vitality

“Skilled and competent employees are vital to Sympa Oy to ensure growth, and therefore we invest significantly in the wellbeing and motivation of the personnel,” Keijo Karjalainen says. A major investment was made in the facilities in 2012, in both Vantaa and Lahti. Anu Leinonen, a professional interior architect with more than a decade of experience as an, was hired for the design. The result is a highly ergonomic, peaceful and comfortable space which has the personal Sympa touch. This is provided by things like photos from the personnel’s joint trip to Copenhagen in spring 2012 printed on canvas and the employees’ self-portrait galleries.

Being very hectic at times, the work requires recreation as well. Sympa Oy invests hundreds of euros in this every month at both of its offices. Sympa employees decide together how to spend the monthly recreational allowance. “We have used the money for a wide variety of activities and tried out a bunch of different sports, for example. Technopolis offers diverse services, and we have bought massage visits and gym passes for every employee for a month and occasionally rented the sauna facilities for our personnel using the monthly allowance,” says Tuija Timonen, HR Manager at Sympa Oy.

Pictures: Anu Leinonen, Muutostoiseen