Free Yourself from Being Busy

“Work life is straining our brains more and more,” says Mari Rasimus. She has moved from a social media expert into a mindfulness coach. Having a lot of personal experiences in the subject, she knows exactly what she is talking about. Rasimus sees a contradiction between all the digital gadgets demanding our full attention non-stop and the ongoing need to be efficient. “We are expected to be more innovative and creative whilst we are awfully busy. This won’t work unless we take better care of our minds and invest in the recovery.”

Rasimus says that with the help of mindfulness meditation we can enhance our brains’ abilities to concentrate and be creative. Mindfulness exercises are also known to decrease stress levels. “It seems that stress is like a mantra nowadays,” Rasimus sighs. From the mindfulness coach’s point of view the situation could be completely different: “Maybe the workforce of the future knows how to take breaks and look after their own minds.”

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