Modern Ways of Working Widens Your Horizons

You hear it at seminars all the time: the way we work is going to change. This is not true. It already has changed. We are not as bound to one location as we used to be, and new technologies have given employees the freedom to leave their desks to find the best place to work in, which is where the environment is efficient, pleasant and inspiring.

Modern work no longer revolves around the company and its actual location. The focus is now on interaction, networks and, above all, people.  And it’s no wonder that freelancers, remote workers and others requiring a more independent environment try to find a space they can share, a place where everyone can work on their own projects. Large companies have adopted the same approach: the location no longer blocks the flow of inspiration but work can be carried out wherever it feels best for the individual.

We All Want to Be Part of a Tribe

The idea of a shared working space is not new. The first communal working space was opened in San Francisco more than ten years ago. As technology improves, there will be more opportunities, and now an entire organization can be created as a cloud-based entity. All an employee needs is a fast internet connection and a chair to sit on.

A shared working space, however, is much more than a floor, ceiling and a shared WiFi password; it also means being in a community. When people from different sectors and organizations share the same physical space, there are fewer hierarchies and less need to compete with others. Everyone has the freedom to be themselves. This also helps people to manage their work flow as they can choose their working hours independent of the space. Work becomes more meaningful.

Situations and jobs change constantly in contemporary work places, but one thing remains the same: people need a space to work in that inspires them to achieve their full potential. This almost always means that there are other people, and where there are people, there are stories. We all want to be a part of something greater than ourselves – a tribe.

Village Communities since 1982

Community spirit has been at the core of Technopolis’ business for more than 30 years. We have collected stories about people who work in new ways, people whose jobs involve different company cultures, adaptable spaces and wide social networks. We will share these stories with you over the coming spring. Stories told by people who do things differently.