How to Have More Fun at Work

– The traditional working environment is in the past, declares Keith Silverang, the CEO of Technopolis. Instead modern work relies on shared working spaces and the tools for remote working that digitalisation has enabled.

– Modern work does not involve just employees, but it is also a matter of each employer. A successful change is enabled by each individual, who understands their own important role as part of a bigger team.

Each employer has their own tasks, personal goals, targets and dreams, but in order to maximize their performance, they should not pursue their own agendas, but keep the targets of the team in mind.

Keith Silverang claims that an individual achieves the best results through teamwork but also:

– When optimizing for each person’s mental and physical abilities, the whole team’s operation is strengthened.

Silverang finds the new ways of working much more efficient, fast and flexible.

– And most of all, when all team members operate as a big tribe, working is much more fun for all of us, Silverang says, smiling.