MyTechnopolis to Cover More Services

Technopolis has signed an agreement with the office supplies wholesaler Wulff to make their products available through the My Technopolis channel.

My Technopolis is constantly evolving. Technopolis customers can use the free electronic service channel to order and manage their Technopolis services, book meeting facilities, use printing services, send service requests and buy IT devices. A small but important new addition to our services is the provision of office supplies.

Office supplies from a familiar partner

Wulff has been in business for 125 years, and it is a very well-known traditional office supplies shop in Finland. From November 1, Wulff will become a supplier for the MyTechnopolis services.

In summer this newsletter featured an article about Atea’s eShop service, which offers an enormous range of information technology, hardware, software and accessories. While pens, notepads and other office supplies may not seem so important in a modern office, they are still needed.

My Technopolis is also cost-efficient. Technopolis and Wulff have agreed to keep the service’s pricing reasonable. You can buy everything you need in one place and save money at the same time. Wulff services for Technopolis customers will be launched on November 1. More information will follow in the coming weeks. Please check the screens at the reception areas.

Delivery to reception every week

Office supplies are sold in every supermarket but the quality and price vary. The biggest loss for a company, however, comes from time lost searching shop aisles for office supplies – an activity that is far from a key company operation.

Wulff will be one of the wide range of service providers accessible through My Technopolis. You place your order and the goods are delivered to you at your nearest Technopolis reception once a week. The goods are invoiced once a month on the same invoice as the other Technopolis services you use.

Deliveries are carried out once a week to all customers, which is economic and environmentally-friendly. Couriers do not deliver goods to the reception every day so you will have to anticipate your requirements for the week ahead.

My Technopolis at your service

My Technopolis is a channel that offers Technopolis customers easy access to a wide range of services. This electric channel is free to members, and has been developed according to our customers’ requirements and feedback. If you do not use the service yet, now is a good time to register.

The need for office supplies varies and there is no point wasting time on going to shops to buy them. From the beginning of November you can by all office supplies from Wulff through the My Technopolis service. Take advantage of it.