Nationwide Operations Are an Asset

Management Institute of Finland is an important client of Technopolis. They appreciate a partner with nationwide services who can handle all reservations through one channel.

MIF benefits from various Technopolis services

Management Institute of Finland is the largest training and consulting company in the Nordic countries. It has operations in numerous towns both in Finland and abroad, and it also has a number of training facilites of its own. The company has, however, quickly become one of the most frequent users of the conference services provided by Technopolis. MIF premises in Oulu, Jyväskylä and Tampere are located on Technopolis campuses.

“Technopolis is an excellent partner for us as they, like us, operate both MIf_Jaana.jpgnationally and internationally,” says Jaana Parkkila, Product Group Manager at MIF. “It’s great to be able to organise everything through one channel. We also know what to expect as Technopolis is all about business, it does not offer leisure services. There are no extras to distract people from the business at hand.

“Accessibility is one of the Technopolis campuses’ advantages. Free parking is relatively easy to find, and the campuses are easy to reach by public transport.  The flexibility of the premises is also a very important factor as we do not always know the number of participants before an event is held. If 20 or 120 people want to attend instead of the 50 people we are expecting, the Technopolis campuses’ rooms can be easily adapted as necessary. I also find Technopolis’ pricing very competitive.  We arrange around 500 training and seminar days at their premises every year.

Addresses around the Baltic Sea

Technopolis is a perfect business environment both for offices and as a venue for small and large meetings.  Technopolis is also one of the biggest producers of conference services in the sector.

Five countries, 12 cities, 240 conference spaces and more than 15,000 meetings every year puts its operations into perspective. In addition, there are 30 video conferencing rooms, where connections are made to locations all over the world.

The most important feature, however, is the company’s uncompromised service attitude and business-driven focus which ensure that every detail in every encounter runs smoothly. The necessary technology, other equipment and catering as well as staff are always available to make sure that every detail is in perfect working order.

A one stop shop

Even the smallest meeting rooms suitable for six people have basic equipment: a video projector, Wi-Fi connection, flip chart, access to a printer and equipment for conference calls. The larger rooms have state-of-the-art audio equipment and other, more advanced technology as needed in meetings.

“We want to make it just as easy for our clients to arrange one-off meetings or a nationwide road show,” says Marita Tainio, Head of the Conference Services team. “When a customer wants to organise events in all of our eight locations, they only need to contact one person in our conference team.”

“Our customers really appreciate how easy it is. One contract covers everything necessary, and it is cost-effective to use one service provider. We create energetic environments for meetings.”

Big savings from video conferences

Among the conference options that Technopolis offers, video conferencing Videomeeting_310x230.jpghas been steadily gaining popularity. At the moment, Technopolis has 30 video conferencing facilities.  Our cutting-edge technology guarantees that our customers can connect to anywhere around the world.

“We have a team dedicated to video conferencing, and they’ll have everything ready for our customers,” says Tainio. ” Customers only need to arrive at the time agreed and the connection is ready. Video conferencing saves our customers more than a million euros every year in travel expenses – and it saves the environment as well.