New member of the Board of Directors of Technopolis introduces himself

A new member will join the Board of Directors of Technopolis following the departure of Matti Pennanen, Mayor of the City of Oulu, at the Annual General Meeting in March after nine years of service.

Pekka Ojanpää, CEO of Lassila & Tikanoja, a property service company listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki, has big boots to fill, but this graduate of the Hanken School of Economics is accustomed to accepting challenges.

Born in France, having lived in the United Kingdom during his childhood, and Pekka310article.pnghaving had his schooling in Swedish, Pekka is a sports enthusiast through and through. “Physical exercise, especially triathlon in recent times, takes up a lot of my leisure time. The rest is spent with my family and children,” Pekka says.

Solid expertise in international business

With Pekka, the Board of Directors of Technopolis will be strengthened by a productive and professionally skilled member. “I am joining Technopolis’ Board of Directors with great enthusiasm,” says Pekka, who is already familiar with Board work as the CEO of a listed company. “International business is certainly one of my strengths. Before becoming Lassila & Tikanoja’s CEO in 2011, I had not practically worked at all with the Finnish market.” 

Pekka worked in Nokia’s cellphone business for eleven years, spending three years in Hungary. After that, his career took him to the chemical industry in 2005. Pekka held several management positions at Kemira before joining Lassila & Tikanoja as CEO.

Pekka mentions a significant investment in South America, involving large risks and also opportunities, as the most difficult decision of his career. “Making that decision was very difficult at the time,” Pekka says. “The investment is still doing well, but the entire business there was divested.”

Both companies share a unique concept

Lassila & Tikanoja is similar to Technopolis in some ways. “First of all, both are service companies in the real estate sector. Secondly, both have a unique business concept in their respective business areas: Lassila & Tikanoja in Finland and Technopolis in the Baltic Sea region. Both are also involved in service business in the real estate sector.”

Pekka is joining Technopolis with much enthusiasm. “Growth is a challenge for many, but Technopolis is going upstream. This makes the company extremely interesting,” Pekka sums up.

Energy efficiency and environmental matters are trends in the real estate sector

With regard to trends in the real estate sector, Pekka mentions energy efficiency and environmental awareness. Lassila & Tikanoja provides its customers with e.g. an energy management center service for monitoring and reporting energy consumption data. Pekka says that Lassila & Tikanoja wants to be involved in creating a recycling society in which waste is utilized. Recycling targets and reporting are agreed in cooperation with customer companies. Lassila & Tikanoja and Technopolis have many similar objectives in terms of the environment.

Pekka practices what he preaches

“Our family recycles almost everything. I also cycle to work at least once a week. It is excellent exercise,” Pekka tells us. “In addition, my car is a hybrid.”