No more lost files

Employees would be much more satisfied and efficient if up-to-date data that can be quickly and easily found was always available. According to one survey, 25% of our working hours are spent searching for information. Another study suggests that up to 20% of agreements are permanently lost.

“The state of data management is quite poor in many companies. It is strange how even large companies can afford to maintain an insufficient data management environment and have their employees waste time navigating through labyrinths of systems and folders,” M-Files CEO Miika Mäkitalo wonders.

Where conventional data management is based on folder-based systems, the M-Files solution does not care where the data is located, only what it is. When a file is being saved, the system is told using a few criteria what the file is, after which the file will be available wherever it is needed. Quotes, for example, can be browsed by salesperson, customer, product, project, or date of preparation. This solves the problems of finding out which folder you or a colleague saved the file in, whether it is in e-mail or possibly as a hard copy.

“Deploying M-Files does not require major investments to achieve the full benefits of data management. It is easy to use, and data is available to an increasing number of people,” Mäkitalo says. In spite of its ease of use, M-Files includes numerous robust features, such as quick search, processes and workflows, quick adaptability, integration with other systems, and smart protection settings. It can also be used with tablets or smartphones.

Amazing growth and vision

Last year, M-Files’ net sales increased by 41%, and the company hired 78 new employees. The growth targets are ambitious for this year as well, and new employees are being recruited. The company has its head office in Tampere at Technopolis Hermia, another office at Technopolis Otaniemi, Innopoli 3, and a subsidiary in the United States. Currently, the company has approximately 300 distributors in 74 countries and customers in 100 countries. “Our aim is to grow both in Finland and internationally. Our vision is to be a globally recognized data management solution,” Miika Mäkitalo says.

M-Files’ largest market areas are currently Finland, the United States, France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. “In particular, we want to strengthen our presence in the United States, as the software market is extremely large there. Having U.S. reference customers also helps in business, and analysts as well as research institutions emphasize presence in the U.S. market in their studies. We have been included in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for EQM reports for a couple of years, which also illustrates the company rising into a global player in the data and document management market,” Mäkitalo says.

Best Employer in the Pirkanmaa Region in 2013

M-Files won the Employer of the Year award in January. Last year, M-Files recruited 78 new employees and secured a significant capital investment. They have also taken huge leaps in personnel development and creating an inspiring work atmosphere. The jury of the competition praised the company’s open, appreciative, and enthusiastic atmosphere, thanks to which operational development and innovation are part of everyday work at M-Files. The company’s dynamic corporate culture was also specifically praised in the jury’s evaluation.

The company’s success factors include world-class technology and excellent employees. “Our employees are extremely skilled and enthusiastic, which gives us a significant competitive advantage in conquering the global market,” Mäkitalo says.

The Technopolis concept is the best for a growth company

“The Technopolis concept is extremely well suited for a growth company like us.Miika_Jussi310x230.png Last year, our aim was to find 70–80 new employees. It is not always possible to predict whether you can find so many good employees, and the number of recruitments could end up at only a half of what was planned. In this case, the ability to increase space flexibly is an excellent service.

Last December, we noticed that two floors will no longer be enough for us, and our Key Account Manager Birgit Mustalahti arranged half a floor of additional space for us.  We currently have 2,450 sqm at Technopolis Hermia, and Birgit’s customer service focus deserves our special thanks,” Mäkitalo says, and adds: “The services also work excellently, and it is a great thing that our company can focus on growing its business and we don’t need to spend time thinking about space. We have also utilized Technopolis’ visibility and networking opportunities. Early in the year, we organized a seminar tour at three Technopolis campuses where we met potential customers and told them about our product. The feedback was very positive, and we can now work on the leads,” explains Mäkitalo.

Technopolis chose M-Files

For some time already, we had been looking for a solution to rationalize document management and work processes at our company. We surveyed several partners. We interviewed several of our own employees, investigated the ways in which data is used, and thought about the most suitable solution for our purposes. We selected M-Files as our partners in March, as it was the most suitable for us,” says CIO Tommy Kankkonen.

Reasons for us choosing M-Files:

1 easy integration with existing normal Microsoft Office software
2 facilitates versatile and straightforward document search
3 easily integrated with our existing background systems
4 simple work flow related to document recycling
5 M-Files is enthusiastic and willing to cooperate in the long term.