Offices – who needs them?

Office is a pretty important place for all of us, whether we like it or not. We sit at the office, sometimes more, sometimes less time, doing various work related activities. We think, talk, innovate, create, socialize – and even cry occasionally.

Lots of emotions, tons of passion.

Karri_small.jpgI remember the times I spent working for the Hewlett-Packard E-Services Bazaar almost ten years ago (has it really been that long?). The mission we had was to get mobile operators around the world passionate about mobility (1999 we Finns still were the mobile capital of the world). And boy did we do that! We had tons of fun and obviously created business as well. However, what I remember the most (after great colleagues obviously) is the “place”. The colors & the smells. The food at the restaurant. The wooden tables. The best ever coffees.  All the long hours spent within the walls, meeting people, working and having fun.

I don’t have to mention this, but the same goes for my current job.

I think we all agree on the things mentioned above. But somehow I still feel that most people do not find the actual physical working place that important. I hear this all the time from my friends.

We need to stop this nonsense. The office is the heart of the company. It’s where the culture is born. It’s where the magic happens. Only sky is the limit when you create a working environment that support employee motivation, needs and productivity.

Technopolis (shameless self-promotion) has always (since 1982) been a frontrunner providing the absolute best solutions for office space needs. We offer flexible offices along with a wide range of services which help the companies to focus on their core. The greatest thing is that we can prove it. Our customer satisfaction levels are high and growing (customers feel like “home” in our facilities). Technopolis restaurants (29) n 11 cities in Finland, Russia, Estonia and Lithuania (coming soon;)) score excellent ratings in all sites. Plenty of evidence to show that when you select your office location wisely, with our help you can concentrate on your business.

This does not mean that remote work, co-working spaces and such are not important. Of course they are. Office is where you work. And for most of us, it’s still the address in our business card, luckily. Make the most out of it!

Technopolis is a company with a strong company culture.  We take pride in what we do and hope that this shows. We want our campuses to be lively meeting places, where networking and social interactions happen. And most of all, where all of you can feel like home!

Karri Hautanen

Director, Marketing and Service Development