The first Technopolis Summit was a Success

Our customer event Technopolis Summit was organized for the first time. The event included excellent speakers, lots of networking, great stories, new contacts and it was lots of fun. Technopolis Mediapolis in Tampere was a unique venue, where for example Yle (Finland's national public service broadcasting company) is located. Participants came from all Technopolis sites both from Finland and abroad. Video highlights of the event


Keynote speakers included Keith Silverang/Technopolis, Ilkka Rahkonen/Yle, Lars Ingerslev/LinkedIn, Dream Broker/Mika Ahokas, Uros ltd/Tommi Uhari and Elastinen ( a Finnish rapper and Voice of Finland coach). Technopolis Mediapolis was an excellent venue, where you could see sets from different TV-programs. Participants had the possibility to attend a Mediapolis tour, which showed Yle´s production facilities, like TV-studios, stage property room, stock of clothes and props. There was also the broadcasting of Tartu Mikkiin program, which some of the participants attended.

Attendants were able to reserve one-to-one meetings beforehand. The meeting area was very busy and business cards were changed actively. New partners and clients were easy to find.

In the evening we saw the video greeting by Peter Vesterback from Rovio, who was unable to attend. He had a business trip to America, but promised to attend Technopolis Summit next year. The evening continued with good food and music.

Networking in the core of the event

Keith_Elastinen_small.jpgThe main theme of the event was networking. Keith Silverang mentioned in his speech that Technopolis wants to create a community where customers can find new clients and service providers and also share pains and victories. The goal of Technopolis is to be chain of smart business parks that has activities in all Nordic countries and Baltic region. He hoped that the event will increase transactions that will also be measured.

Yle opens up Yle_Rahkonen_small.jpg

Ilkka Rahkonen told that the process of Yle opening up has not been very easy, because people always resist to change and things have often been done the same way for a long time. Now wheels are rolling and Yle wants to do successful business, share ideas and good content for users. Their goal is to triple turnover, create new jobs and proceed the vitality of creative business.

Mission to connect professionals

Lars Ingeslev shared the story of LinkedIn´s growth and possibilities. He told that the mission of LinkedIn is to connect the world´s professionals to make them more productive and successful. The world has change dramatically due to social media so now companies need to react to this change in order to stay competitive. The companies need to think where they want to be in the coming years since there will be a fundamental shift in the way companies compete for the talent. Hiring the wrong people can cost a lot of money.

The future of videos?DB_Ahokas.jpg

The CEO Mika Ahokas told the story of Dream Broker, which is a Finnish software company specialized in online video solutions. Dream Broker has more than 500 customers, and it employs a total of 60 persons in Finland, Sweden and Denmark. The company was selected as the fastest growing company in Finland in the autumn of 2013. The company grew 2712 % during years 2007-2011. The growth continues since the company is hiring 25 new employees. The rise of Skype and YouTube motivated the founders for their ideas. In the future their goal is to have people making and using videos for free.

Stay connected where ever you go

While travelling abroad on a business trip the challenge is to access internet. The roaming is prohibitively expensive. Uros Ltd wanted to make an impact and solve this seemingly impossible problem. The company  is the provider of Goodspeed, a revolutionary solution for international Internet access. The company is headquartered in Oulu, Finland and composed of a seasoned team of mobile professionals. The company was born as a global start-up from the very beginning, who needed to go international immediately. Uros has rapidly expanded the service to cover Europe, Russia and China with plans to build a global solution for travellers throughout the world.

What is the secret of success of Elastinen?Ela_attitude_small.jpg

Kimmo Laiho, by artist name Elastinen, told a charming and inspiring story. He is known for the Finnish rap group Finntelligens as well as the judge of Voice of Finland. Elastinen told many stories from his childhood. The stories showed that his success in large parts due to his strength of will and determination. This event was his first motivational speech in English. During the whole preparation he was thinking of the word passion. The word passion to him means enthusiasm, energy, state of will and ability to go onwards. His motto for the past 5 years has been willingness, ability and knowledge. He also made some breakdance moves, which made the crowd go wild. He has done music and managed the company Rähinä Records for the past 10 years. He has also built a network of people around him who to trust.


THe next Technopolis Summit will be organized 25.9.2014. Reserve it to your calendar!