One-stop Shop – Technopolis eShop

Orders, administration and history data in one place. Computers, peripherals, telephones and other office technologies from one place, on one monthly invoice.

MyTechnopolis is a constantly developing free electronic service channel for Technopolis customers. Through the channel, customers can order and manage their Technopolis services such as booking meeting rooms, printing, and sending maintenance service requests. Our eShop can also be found through MyTechnopolis.

eShop gives you direct access to all Atea services.

Atea's service is the most advanced combined online store and purchasing system for IT technology. In addition to IT equipment and software you can purchase different IT infrastructure services such as installations and lifecycle services.

As a Technopolis customer, you can take advantage of the prices that eShop offers to its big-volume customers. The prices have been negotiated in advance to ensure that you’ll never pay too much. Those of our customers who are obliged to seek tenders from three suppliers have ended up using eShop.

eShop will never let you down. Atea's product range includes all big brands, computers, software, storage devices, printers, mobile phones – more or less anything you can think of. If you are not sure what you want, you can seek advice using the online chat function, and you’ll have access to Atea's technical expertise. Whether you just need a simple device or a comprehensive service package – eShop is the shop for you.

Why use eShop?

Many electrical retailers and supermarkets now sell computers and other devices. You can easily buy equipment when doing your daily grocery shopping, but there are many good reasons for choosing eShop:

Price: eShop's prices are very competitive as they take into account the volumes sold to Technopolis customers. The eShop prices are likely to be lower than anywhere else.

Range of products: eShop offers products by hundreds of different manufacturers. If you do not use the MyTechnopolis service channel yet, you should apply for a free card and user ID immediately. Of course, you can browse through Atea's online shop now.

Expertise: Supermarkets are not likely to offer many specialist IT services, while eShop gives you access to our expert online chat service, where most of your questions can be answered. If not, you can contact Atea to avail of their wide expertise.

Ease: You assess your requirements, talk to a specialist if necessary and order your products from your computer. The equipment, pre-installed if required, is delivered to your office and invoiced on your usual monthly Technopolis invoice.

Why does Technopolis have eShop?

“The Technopolis service principle is “More than squares”, and all new services are based on flexibility,” says Technopolis' Service Manager Minna Kemppainen. “They are just as suitable for one-person companies as they are for large companies with many offices nationwide.”

“When a small start-up moves into our premises, we provide them with their office space and communications, printing services and, quite often, office furniture as well. It makes sense that we also offer them a channel for buying other equipment needed in the daily running of the business. If a customer has a MyTechnopolis user ID before moving in, their equipment can be delivered directly to the new office, and they’ll be ready to start working as soon as they move in.”

eshop170x113.jpgAccording to Kemppainen, the Technopolis eShop already has numerous customers, who prefer to use a one-stop shop, which also saves them time and money. Technopolis customers have access to a number of auxiliary services in addition to the premises so that they are better able to focus on their core business.