Petteri Järvinen Relies on a Bird’s Eye View

Perhaps the best-known information technology writer and trainer in Finland, Petteri Järvinen is practically a part of the fixtures at Innopoli 1. He has held base in this building since 1992 – almost from the day the building was finished.

Järvinen’s room is on the fifth floor where the open landing affords a panorama of Tapiola and Otaniemi and a bird’s eye view of the building’s atrium.

“I walk through here every day and often sit down and stay a while. This is a great place to think. I’ve had many interviews in this spot and posed for numerous pictures against this lovely scenery. I also often photograph various products and devices here when I’m writing an article about them. The large windows on both sides give a nice, even light,” Järvinen says.

Järvinen talks a lot about information security, visions of the future and especially information technology. Over the years, this enterprising man has written more than 30 books, almost two thousand articles and held close to 2,000 lectures and training events.

Järvinen started writing articles for the Prosessori magazine while he was serving in the army in the early 1980s. The public came to know him during his 30 years as a columnist for the Tietokone magazine.

“As far as I know, I’m the oldest person to have worked at Innopoli non-stop in terms of years of service. The building is perfect for my needs. The location is excellent and my commute is very short, allowing me to walk or cycle. All the services I need are here.”


M. Sc. (Eng.) Petteri Järvinen, 53, is a non-fiction writer, expert in information technology and a columnist, whose one-man training and consultancy company Petteri Järvinen Oy has been in operation since 1992. He has previously worked for Topdata, Dava, Nokia Data, R. Linturi Oy and the Saunalahti/Jippii Group. Järvinen has won numerous prizes, including the State Award for Public Information, the ADP Contributor of the Year prize and the annual award for merit from the Finnish Association of Non-Fiction Writers. He is also an active amateur photographer.