Printing Using Shared Equipment

People have been talking about electronic document management for years, but it seems that offices are using more paper than ever before. Technopolis provides its customers with a printing solution that makes document management child’s play.

Konica Minolta multifunction printers, which print, copy and scan, are located in Tp_Tulostus_Salla310x230.jpgthe common areas on Technopolis campuses. Companies do not need to buy machines as there is one always available just a few steps away.

Simple and flexible

“Printing is easy,” says Technopolis’ Service Channel Manager Salla Brunou. “You print your documents just as with any other printer, walk to the nearest multifunction machine and after swiping your MyTechnopolis card, it’ll print your documents. You can also make copies or scan documents to your computer.”

“Pricing is also very simple and affordable: a colour print or copy is 20 cents, black and white 14 cents and scanning costs 1 cent. It must be the cheapest service that are we offer,” says Brunou, laughing.  “A4 and A3 sheets cost the same and an itemised invoice for the printed pages is sent once a month at the same time as for other services used.”

For example, the multifunction printer on the Ruoholahti small business campus has its regular users, and more than 900 pages are printed from it every month.

Anytime, anywhere

Printing is also safe. The printer will not do anything until the user swipes their chip card and enters their PIN code. This ensures that you cannot forget your documents or leave them at the printer for everyone to see.

You do not even need to decide in advance which machine to use and when. After you print your documents from your computer, they stay in the queue in the network and are only printed when you log into the printer and choose to print them. This can be done on any Technopolis campus and even in a different town.

Optimised TP Printing service

The printers located in the common areas serve all Technopolis customers. If a company prints at least a thousand pages a month, it can also have a printer on its premises. The principle is the same as with a shared printer but the company must buy its own paper.

Konica Minolta is Technopolis’ partner in multifunction printer services. A company can choose a machine from three categories. The minimum number of printed pages is usually 1,000 pages per month and the maximum is 25,000. If your company’s printing requirements change, the machine can easily be replaced by a smaller or larger one depending on the given requirements.

The agreement for a printer at your company’s premises is flexible. It covers servicing and toner powders, and the machine notifies the service team when it is time for it to be serviced. The user only needs to buy paper and replace the toner cartridges.  The agreement is valid for an initial period of six months, then until further notice, and it has a one-month notice period, which is significantly more flexible than a leasing contract, for example.

Part of MyTechnopolis service channel

You can have a printer on your desk, but is it really necessary? Purchasing, maintenance, repairs and supplies can be hard work. The paper is stuck or the driver is not working! Does this sound familiar?

It is recommended that people should stand up and walk about at least once an hour during working hours. You can kill two birds with one stone by picking up your documents from the printer when taking a break.

TP Printing service is part of the ever-developing MyTechnopolis services that provide our customers with information about their work environment and which allows them to manage all their Technopolis services through one channel. Conference room reservations and cost-effective IT purchases can be easily made. Staff also have access to many Eazy 4U services at a discounted price. These include barbers, massage, car rentals, gyms and hotels.