Proact builds a smarter Oulu in Technopolis

Proact Finland, a leading storage integrator and cloud services enabler, has operated successfully at its premises in Technopolis for 15 years. During its time as a tenant, the company has made great progress. “In 2006, I was the company’s third employee in Oulu. We now employ eight people here,” says Proact Finland’s Area Manager, Mr Kimmo Nurmivuori. He explains that Technopolis has supported his employer’s growth very well and adjusted to Proact’s needs as its situation has changed. “We doubled the size of our premises the year before last. In addition, we make good use of the basic services offered by Technopolis.”

According to Nurmivuori, coexisting with the other companies in Technopolis has gone well. Although it is vital when operating among other businesses to have peace to do one’s own work, the presence of the other companies also has its good points. “We share the lobby area, so we often see other companies’ personnel, who have become very familiar. In addition, when there are a number of companies in the close vicinity, then there is not lack of lunch spots or company,” adds Nurmivuori. Nurmivuori feels, however, that absolutely the best aspect of the Technopolis premises is that they offer good opportunities to meet with customers and partners – flexible common areas and a high quality private office provide excellent settings for meetings.

Proact works in cooperation with a number of companies operating in Technopolis. Of these, the biggest partner is Oulu DataCenter, which offers companies data centre services. Proact provides DataCenter with technological expertise.

Pillar of an intelligent community

The Intelligent Community Forum recognised in 2013 that Oulu was one of the world’s seven most intelligent communities. The city has long been known as a centre of Northern European technology and business. Proact is involved in many things in the Oulu region. Nurmivuori says that one of Proact’s most challenging but at the same time rewarding projects has been the construction of the new Greater Oulu urban infrastructure. At the turn of 2012/2013, five surrounding municipalities merged with the City of Oulu to form a new Greater Oulu, which has over 185,000 inhabitants.

“For Oulun Tietotekniikka, which provides the City of Oulu with inforProact_310x226.pngmation technology services, we implemented a virtual desktop solution that enabled employees of the merging municipalities to connect to the city’s IT system,” says Nurmivuori, explaining Proact’s role in the merger.

Now Proact is once again involved in generating added value to the intelligence of Oulu. 15 May 2014 will see the launch of Proact’s new EMC Solution Centre, in which development and technology environments designed for customers can be tested.

“The centre is the world’s northernmost. In Finland, the EMC Solution Centre is also alone in having the most modern technology available,” explains Nurmivuori. Nurmivuori adds that the Solution Centre is already operating, even though the official launch will not take place until May.

As regards the development and future of the Oulu economic area, Nurmivuori is optimistic. “Nokia's departure left a mark on business in the Oulu region, which was not doing too well. Now many former Nokia employees have found new work and the economic outlook for the whole region is quite positive.”


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