Protect your Local Area Network with a firewall service

A firewall router in need of rebooting is the most common reason for a fault report by customer in Technopolis network. There is nothing wrong with the data traffic in the network, but the customer can’t connect to Internet since his firewall is waiting to be fixed or rebooted.

Now there is no more need to worry about one’s own device, since TP Connect Firewall & VPN Service provides firewall for LAN as a service. The devices of the service are placed in the server room of Technopolis service partner Elisa. The user can define the rules for his firewall service. The service protects customer’s local area network. As usual, it is still recommended to protect the work stations with a firewall software, since the work stations are often used outside of user’s own network.

Efficient mobile work with VPN connection

You can order VPN solutions as part of the firewall service. In mobile work you can access your company network with VPN as easily as while working at your own desk. The service also supports Lan-to-Lan VPN solutions.


Pricing of firewall service is progressive according to the amount of users. For the amount of 1-5 work stations included in the service the monthly invoicing is 19,50 euros, starting fee is 100 euros.

VPN service is priced 6,25 euros/user/month. The starting fee is 100 euros at the most advantageous level.

VAT will be added to the prices. All the products and the pricing are available in MyTechnopolis service channel, as well as the detailed service description.

How to get started:

–          Log in to MyTechnopolis:

If you don’t have user name yet, ask it at

–          Choose ICT Services

–          Choose TP Connect

–          Order the service or leave a contact request

For more information please contact Salla Brunou,