Recruitment on Customers’ Terms – Talente Has Dozens of Offices around the Country

Talente Consulting Oy is a young company that specializes in recruiting, headhunting and coaching. Its services are always designed to meet its customers’ needs. The company is a network of eight consultants and it has completely adapted new ways of understanding work and work spaces.

Talente’s ‘head office’ is located at Innopoli 1 in Otaniemi. The quotation marks are there because it is very seldom that any of the employees spends time in that office. They do not need to: they have access to Technopolis spaces and campuses in various locations as required.

Working Closely with Clients

“Recruitment is our profession, and the cornerstones of our operations are cost-effective, flexible and agile processes,” says Terhi Airas, Senior Consultant and Partner. “We are all entrepreneurs and offer our clients comprehensive services and coaching relating to recruitment.”

“Our job involves numerous meetings, interviews and consultations. Traditionally, interviews have been arranged at the recruitment company’s office. This means that when all consultants were conducting interviews at the same time, quite a number of rooms and large office are required.

Talente’s entrepreneurs decided to do something completely different, to be pioneers of modern work. When an assignment is agreed, Talente will make a visit to the client’s own premises. When applicant interviews are arranged, they are held at a Technopolis campus that is as conveniently located as possible for the applicant.

Talente has only been operating for two and a half years but it has already managed to attract a good number of clients, including some large top companies. Talente’s services are used by start-ups, growth companies as well as bigger companies. The word has spread and their operational model is highly appreciated.

Work Wherever

“It may be a real challenge for an applicant to travel to a job interview so we always go as close to them as we can,” says Airas.

Airas is on her way to the Aviapolis campus in Vantaa to hold two interviews. One interviewee is coming from Hyvinkää, the other from Vantaa. Airas has booked a workroom at Technopolis for three hours.

“During a working day, I may spend the morning at Innopoli, and sometimes I work and make calls in my car. Then I may spend the afternoon in Ruoholahti. When we arrange seminars, we book a larger space, depending on our needs. I carry my office in my briefcase and I work wherever I happen to be. I sometimes visit the Jyväskylä campuses and other Technopolis towns.

Let’s Work Together

People used to leave the house early, commute to the office and close the office door. There might have been a couple of meetings during the day but the rest of the time was spent alone. And then everyone returned home.

Now people work together as new technologies allow us to keep in touch and share information regardless of place and time. Work is carried out in networks, and meetings can be arranged flexibly in different places. Talente’s team consists of entrepreneurs who are all on the move a lot, but they can all communicate when required and arrange to meet each other and partners flexibly in the most suitable place.

A fixed location and nominated offices are becoming a thing of the past. Working alone is not the best way to work anyway as it often is not very flexible or productive. The modern working place is an environment that supports creativity and efficiency. An office is a meeting point and at Technopolis it is the entire campus – all campuses, actually.

Technopolis Is the Right Choice for Talente

“Technopolis is the right choice for us,” says Airas.

According to Airas, the costs of offices have been among the biggest expenses in the sector. Large companies need a lot of space, which remain empty a lot of time. Talente’s operating model means that fixed costs are low.

“Technopolis has really understood the importance of alternative ways to work. I find it brilliant that every time I go to a campus, the reception team makes me feel like one of their most valued customers even if I’m only using a workroom for a couple of hours. Friendly customer service and the right attitude are evident in everything.”

More information:

Terhi Airas
Senior Consultant, Partner
Talente Consulting Oy
+358 40 7000204