Renewed outlook makes the use of MyTechnopolis easier

My Technopolis have increased the amount of users during the past year. Already half of our customer companies have a user rights to this online service channel and the main users can easily create more user rights to other employees.

Do you remember your password or do you want to start using the service channel? Email us at or ask  from the Reception.

Improved usability

We renewed the outlook of MyTechnopolis, which makes the usage of our servicemytp_layout_400.png channel even more easier. Meeting room reservations are accessible from front page – you can reserve meeting rooms and catering services to all the Technopolis campuses around Finland. When travelling by airplane, you can easily arrange a meeting in our campus Technopolis Helsinki-Vantaa, located next to airport.

You can find all the services in the front page. If you have the rights for ICT services, you can browse or buy computers, telephones and other it accessories from eShop.

TP Capacity offers server capacity in the cloud

We offer server capacity in the cloud together with our partner Datacenter Finland. You can read more about the service in MyTechnopolis. You can give up the maintenance of physical servers and acquire solutions for your needs.

Functional workplace design with us

If your office needs updating, you can ask about workspace, interior design or furnishing services from Technopolis experts also through MyTechnopolis form.  Workplace design enhances the employees satisfaction and commitment, which produces better results for the company.

For small alteration needs we offer moving and furnishing services, rental furniture and interior design services. For large-scale development needs we can offer tailored services, which considers the physical, virtual and social aspects and opportunities of workplace.